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You may contact MasterForms Mobile & Web via email here: info@masterforms.com

Here are some of our available service websites:

  • Exit Conversion -> a WebPage Exit Grabber.
    Exit Conversion in a unique and powerful website marketing tool and also website bounce prevention tool.
    Its available from www.exitconversion.com as an API driven software-subscription-service.
    Its easy to install and runs on many current web-plaforms and is highy configurable.
    There are several subscription levels ranging from Free to Enterprise.
  • MasterForms Web Form Builder.
    MasterForms is a Form-Building platform available for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress at www.masterformsbuilder.com.
    It is also available as on Online Service at www.masterforms.biz for businesses enabling rapid production of forms for use as PDF's, Documents, Images and for Printing-Services directly from their own website account.
  • IT Data Manager.
    IT Data Manager is a secure (data encrypted) data-warehouse designed primarily for IT industry data storage requirements. It is based on a hierachial storage system designed to store Customer -> Domain/Website -> Data Elements ranging from domain-keys to Social-Services usernames and passwords.
    All sensitive data is stored encryped in a data base and system access is controlled via SSL login using single or optional two-factor authentication. www.itdatamanager.com